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Applications are currently OPEN for Listening and PR Volunteers. Deadline for applications is Friday 27th January at 18:00.

Role Breakdowns

Listening Volunteers

What the role involves:
Listening volunteers answer IMs and phone calls from students. Your role will be to use your training to support, empower and be a listening ear to our callers about a wide range of subjects. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of training and time to build confidence. If your application is successful you will attend Basic Training which will prepare you with all the skills needed to volunteer exceptionally.

What we expect of you:
We expect all our volunteers to be passionate about their role and respect our pillars of anonymity, confidentiality, being non-judgemental, non-advisory and non-directory. As our listening volunteers are anonymous we ask that if you are applying for this role you do not discuss it with friends etc. You will get plenty of training so you can learn more about this.

Training details:
This training will be delivered in two cycles of 6 sessions as a hybrid of in-person sessions every Saturday (10am-1pm) and online interactive sessions every Wednesday (6-8pm).
[You only need to attend 1 training cycle to become a volunteer]

Basic Training Cycle 1 will run from┬áSat 4th February – Sat 18th February 2023.

Basic Training Cycle 2 will run from Sat 25th February – Sat 11th March 2023.

Please make sure you will be able to attend ALL training sessions. We allow one absence, if you give us plenty of notice.
Following this you will practise with senior volunteers and check on your progress. When you are comfortable and we feel you are ready you will then shadow volunteers on shift before becoming a full volunteer. We are a close knit group that supports each other and really enjoy what we do – hopefully we will meet you soon!

Publicity Volunteers

What the role involves:
The Publicity Team works together to organise and run events and campaigns to spread awareness of QUB Nightline.
We plan on expanding our online presence by reaching out to more courses at QUB and having numerous collaborations with other clubs & societies to ensure more students can access our service.
You will make posts for our social media accounts and help with merchandise, promotion and the running of our events.

What we expect of you:

We expect you to be able to work in a team! PR is a team effort and good communication is key. As the PR team is not anonymous, we expect you to promote QUB Nightline openly. We want you to be creative and imaginative! You should have some knowledge on operating social media accounts, and be eager to help out with any events and campaigns we plan on running.

Training Details:

This training will be delivered in 2 sessions, one evening online (Wednesday 8th February 6-8pm) and one day in-person (Sat 11th February 10am-1pm). We will go over the basics of Nightline. This will involve what Nightline is and how we operate, giving you a taste of what being a listening volunteer is like, what we do for events, and how we run our online content.